The only good really optical visual performance measure is light scatter.

Jack Holladay, MD

Information from the HDA Analyzer can be shown to patients allowing them make informed decisions regarding their treatment of dry eye, refractive and cataract surgery.

Eric Donnenfeld, MD

The HD Analyzer has provided extraordinary value to our practice and our patients.

Eric Donnenfeld, MD

No other instrument can allow staging of Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome as well as the HD Analyzer. I have used it effectively in showing LASIK patients who come in 15 years later complaining that their LASIK has worn off that the problem is scatter derived from their lens and that they need cataract extractions rather than a LASIK enhancement. This has great value.

Jay Pepose, MD

Dynamic Scatter gives important information about the functional impact of dry eye. Also, by adding a tear and repeating the OSI pre- and post-tear, then you know that the scatter is not derived from the tear film.

Jay Pepose, MD

Obviously all instruments are tools that we regularly use in our daily practice but the HD Analyzer is the one which give the easiest more complete and accurate information about patient complaints, in my experience.

José Luis Güell, MD

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